Local 2266 would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season with a special greeting and kuhngratulations to BPA Dan Dolan. BPA Dolan who was one of three Union Reps that have been wrongfully terminated in Swanton Sector this year was fully reinstated and relocated from Beecher Falls to Tucson, AZ. We thank him for putting his ass on the line for the Local and it’s members and hope he will be treated far better in his new home.

Dolan’s case is only one of a long line of similar cases that will be coming due in the New Year. We are confident that we will continue righting the wrongs of Chief Pfeifer. So far no one in Washington D.C. has been willing to correct this mess and according to Chief Pfeifer “…the agency allows this process to happen…”  We can only hope moving into the New Year someone will at the very least get tired of paying the outrageous price tag attached to Chief Pfeifer’s losing fight against our contractual and statutory rights.

Kuhngratulations on a Pfantastic Job!

Swanton Sector (A)Division Chief Bradley Curtis criticized the Union because we don’t praise Chief Pfeifer or his managers for all the good things they do for the bargaining unit. In fact, (A)DC Bradley Curtis related their shortage of accolades to reasons why Chief Pfeifer refuses to meet with the Union and why Chief Pfeifer avoids properly dealing with labor/management issues.

Well enough is enough!

Good Job! Outstanding!  Chief Pfeifer has needlessly and recklessly taken a hardline stance towards situations that have the potential to have very tragic outcomes. Chief Pfeifer’s attitude continues to be reflected by many of his managers. Chief Pfeifer continues to be dismissive of the Union’s concerns, and gives little credence to what he terms “frivolous grievances” that are brought forth by the exclusive representative of Swanton Sector Bargining Unit Employees.

Oh…and lets not forget to give credit to Division Chief Mr. Bradley Curtis for bringing to our attention the lack of “high fives” we give to Swanton Sector Management.

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Swanton Sector Management Argues Rectal vs Oral Thermometers!


During arbitration on June 30, 2016 and July 1, 2016, Beecher Falls SBPA Zavala indicated that Swanton Sector Management disagreed with EMS’s assessment that an Agent suffered from mild hypothermia.

To support his position, SBPA Zavala stated that the only accurate way to take his temperature would have been to administer a rectal thermometer.

To wit, Zavala stated: “With the equipment I have, it would have been necessary to use the invasive method of inserting the thermometer into the anal region to obtain core body temperature. The anal cavity is a sealed orifice, which is not affected by outside effects such as wind and stuff.  In the oral cavity, the person may have drank cold water or… they are traveling with their mouth open…. air comes into their wet mouth and cools it.”

Just imagine your reaction if your Supervisor tells you that the only equipment he/she has to take your temperature is an anal thermometer and because any other method just isn’t accurate enough for management. Also, consider that this is not the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in emergency rooms throughout the United States.

For clarification purposes, Local 2266 feels compelled to advise the membership that they are not required to submit to Swanton Sector Management’s literal or figurative desires to “stick it to them.”

Watch your “six!”



Published on June 21 2014

Chief Patrol Agent John Pfeifer is disregarding the exclusive representative of Swanton Sector agents and has let his managers run amuck.  His actions have revealed that there are two standards in Swanton Sector:  one for managers and another for Union members.  Union members are being held to higher standards of conduct and facing greater levels of discipline for violating those standards.
The Union has repeatedly brought their concerns to Chief Pfeifer only to have them ignored.  This failure of Chief Pfeifer to take the Union’s concerns seriously has given a green light to Patrol Agent In Charge (PAIC) Kuhn of the Beecher Falls Station to conduct operations in a dangerous manner. Continue reading »