Kuhngratulations on a Pfantastic Job!

Swanton Sector (A)Division Chief Bradley Curtis criticized the Union because we don’t praise Chief Pfeifer or his managers for all the good things they do for the bargaining unit. In fact, (A)DC Bradley Curtis related their shortage of accolades to reasons why Chief Pfeifer refuses to meet with the Union and why Chief Pfeifer avoids properly dealing with labor/management issues.

Well enough is enough!

Good Job! Outstanding!  Chief Pfeifer has needlessly and recklessly taken a hardline stance towards situations that have the potential to have very tragic outcomes. Chief Pfeifer’s attitude continues to be reflected by many of his managers. Chief Pfeifer continues to be dismissive of the Union’s concerns, and gives little credence to what he terms “frivolous grievances” that are brought forth by the exclusive representative of Swanton Sector Bargining Unit Employees.

Oh…and lets not forget to give credit to Division Chief Mr. Bradley Curtis for bringing to our attention the lack of “high fives” we give to Swanton Sector Management.

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