Chief Pfeifer Is Too Busy For His Employees


21 days just to set up a meeting with Chief Pfeifer.

58 days in total it takes to have a scheduled meeting with Chief Pfeifer.

DAY 1: January 5, 2016

Union requested a meeting with Chief Pfeifer.

DAY 6: January 11, 2016

Chief Pfeifer’s Designee responded by stating she was still checking on possible dates and wanted to know any specific topics.

DAY 8: January 13, 2016

Union responded  “to discuss and explore strategies that would improve the present relationship between labor and management. Specifically, we would like to discuss bid for shifts and utilizing the FMCS for both their grievance mediation process, and one of their Building Labor-Management Relationships Programs. If there are any other specific topics that management would like to discuss please let us know in advance. Thank you”

DAY 21: January 26, 2016

Chief Pfeifer’s Designee’s responded, “ Chief Pfeifer and DCPA Garcia are available to meet with you on March 2nd or 3rd at 0900 hours, Swanton Sector.”

DAY 58: March 3, 2016

Tentative meeting scheduled with Chief Pfeifer.


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